News: D23 Expo 2022, Glimpses of Zootopia+ and Greetings from Zootopialand!



Kicking off D23 Expo 2022 has already been an emotional and enlightening experience. The first day has given us some lovely news and flyby teaser clips regarding both Zootopia+ and Shanghai’s Disneyland’s Zootopia Land to help reinvigorate and inspire us.

This evening we’ll be focusing on some charismatic and undeniably adorable greeters whom have been spotted welcoming attendees and bringing attention to the upcoming and under-construction addition to Disneyland Shanghai.

Two Zootopian citizens in a different uniform than we’re used to around here interact with the crowd and chat about what will basically amount to be the embassy between our world and theirs.

There’s even a photo of a 10-seater ZPD squad car that may possibly be driven around on a trackless tour!

Not bad for a first day, and apparently there are even more announcements on the way in the days to come. We’ll be sure to report on those updates as they follow. But for now, be sure to check out what’s been announced so far in the posts below or over on Twitter.