Art of the Day #573: Pride Month

BuckyPronk2 by rikuta
Source [1]

Hello again everybody, and welcome to our Pride Month Art of the Day collection.

There have always been LGBT folks working in the animation department of Walt Disney Studios–going all the way back to Snow White and beyond.

And the tradition continues to this day, Byron Howard, one of Zootopia’s co-directors is gay; so is Michael Giacchino, who composed the soundtrack for the film.

There is, however a difference between then and now. Back in the day, revealing that fact in public would have exposed them to ostracism and ridicule–perhaps even dismissal from their jobs. Today, it’s saying nothing a lot of people don’t already know…because today they have the freedom to open up about who they are.

That’s why Gay Pride exists, and that is why, on this final day of June, 2022, ZNN is offering a salute to Pride Month with a collection of LGBT Fanart. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with some images of Judy’s neighbors, Bucky and Pronk.  According to Zootopia’s producers, these two were an actual married couple.

BuckyPronk1 by rikuta
Source [2]

Sharp-Dressed BuckyPronk by rikuta
Source [3]

Bucky and Pronk by rikuta
Source [4]

Next up, some LGBT artwork featuring Judy Hopps.

Judy and Gazelle

Judya and Gazelle by 貧血うさぎ@Twitter始め
Source [5]

And with Mrs. Otterton.

Zootopia Fan-Art by Athena0023
Source [6]

And with Skye

Judy-Skye Kiss by nobby-art
Source [7]

And now, it’s Nick Wilde’s turn.

Nick and Jack Savage

SnuggleFox by foxefuel
Source [8]

Boop by foxefuel
Source [9]

Unknown by foxefuel
Source [10]

Oh no it’s a wildesavage by foxefuel
Source [11]

Nick and Finnick

Hope We have a good Night by saku1saya
Source [12]

Moving right along, here’s a gallery of LGBT artwork featuring some of the rest of the Zootopia crew.

The big cat on the right is ZNN Anchormammal Fabienne Growley.  The other feline is the jaguar from the Mystic Springs Oasis segment

Fabienne-counter by Heresy
Source [13]

Bogo and Clawhauser have always been something of a couple within the Zootopia fanart community.  When the teaser poster for Zootopia+ dropped, that was when it really took off.

Wow, I’m Impressed by GEPredators
Source [14]

This Ain’t a Zoo by @SPLASHBEAW
Source [15]

Bogo Pops the Question by BenJJedi
Source [16]

And you thought Bellwether had it tough with that lion.

Hug by bearlovestiger13
Source [17]

Cat will be cats

Lion n Tiger by Athena0023
Source [18]

Here’s a series of LGBT artwork featuring Duke Weaselton.

Snowflake Timon with Gays Against Guns by Timon-Berkowitz
Source [19]

Flirty Dancing by Wheeler-Bertrand
Source [20]

Kiss The Duke by Wheeler-Bertrand
Source [21]

Next up, a series of LGBT crossover pics.

Lola Hearts Judy by amosthefanboy
Source [22]

Haru n Judy by Albagretta
Source [23]

I don’t think you can leave your hat on by EosFoxx
Source [24]

Now Kiss by @SouthpauzArt
Source [25]

Stop Pitching Them Against Each Other by NullBatty
Source [26]

New Classmate by @ZetaHaru
Source [27]

Crack ships by @jrjresq
Source [28]

We wrap things up with pic by Byron Howard, not LGBT, but how could we not include at least one example of his artwork?

Popular with Bunnies by @ByronPHoward
Source [29]

And finally…noooo comment.

I hate when this happens by theblueberrycarrots
Source [30]

Until next time…


  1. Well, that mention of Byron Howard and Michael Giacchino being gay just made my mind pop. Neat.

  2. I’m cool with all the artwork EXCEPT where Nick and Judy are randomly paired with whatever flavor-of-the-day same sex character JUST to “make them gay”.

    Leave WildeHopps alone. THEY have Chemistry that shouldn’t be interfered with.

    • I feel basically the same; I greatly prefer Wildehopps, but sometimes I need a change of scenery and I highly respect some, even, like Grayhopps (Gideon and Judy). Buut… Bogo and Puss in Boots is not a change of scenery I was looking for… *shudders* Why??? Just, whyyy???

  3. Huh, the last one… Remind me never to take Nick, Judy, and Jack drinking at the same time… Or things can get weird… :/

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