Art of the Day #572: We All Scream For Ice Cream

Sundae by @LeFrenchUnicorn
Source [1]

Hello, and Happy Summertime, fellow fans of Zootoopia!

Yes, as of two days ago, Summer officially began…and there’s nothing goes better with the season than ice cream!  And so, in honor of our favorite warm-weather treat, we present a collection of Zootopia fanart featuring Nick, Judy and the rest of the gang enjoying some…

Wha…? No, we don’t know where they get cream in Zootopia.  Maybe it’s almond milk or something. Look, there was ice cream in the movie, ‘kay? Take it up with the producers, not us.

Ohhhh never mind, just go look at the artwork, willya?  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love, by clicking on the source-links.


We open with a gallery of pics, showing Judy enjoying our favorite Summer Sweet-Treat.

Y’know…I’m old enough remember when an ice cream cone was just a cone with scoop of ice cream or two and that was it.  These days they’re such works of art, you can hardly bring yourself to tuck into ’em for fear of destroying a masterpiece.   Not that Judy seems to mind.

Oh, and not to get too far off topic, but being swarmed by butterflies is a super-cool experience.

Summer in Zootopia by Morrya by Morrya
Source [2]

That looks kinda like a Drumstick cone Judy’s enjoying.  I’m sure you’re familiar with those goodies; every ice cream truck and convenience store on the planet has ’em.

Ice Cream! by ColonCapitalT
Source [3]

Ah yes…the ever-popular triple-dip Neapolitan

Ice Cream Cone by @swetpot
Source [4]

Now, what-say we let Nick Wilde in on the fun?

Summer by TheDarkShadow1990
Source [5]

Who’d a thunk that Bunnies could make puppy-eyes?  Ahhh, Judy; she always finds a way to get through Nick’s defenses.

Can I taste the ice cream? by @Kionbee
Source [6]

See?  What’d I tell ya?

Unknown by @nklove3104
Source [7]

There, that’s more like it, Nick.

How About Ice Cream? by @halu3xyz
Source [8]

I wonder what flavor THAT cone is…

Poppin’ Hoppin’ by モーティコ
Source [9]

Here’s a little three-part story in picture form:

How it started.

Sploot by popodunk
Source [10]

How it’s going.

Sploot part 2 by popodunk
Source [11]

How it ended.

Sploot happy ending by popodunk
Source [12]

There are ice cream cones…and then there are Ice Cream Cones.

Super-Cone by @mcgl_study
Source [13]

…And then there are ICE! CREAM! CONES!

Good ol’ Baskin Robbins; I have such fond memories of that place from when I was a kid.

BR Fox and Bunny by つるお
Source [14]

But then, of course, there’s that other famous ice cream treat–the one and only Sundae.

As the saying goes Judy, it’s not what you know but who you know.

Sundae Driver by @PeashyPeach
Source [15]

That sundae was a little spendy…but it was worth it just to see the smile on Judy’s face.

Carrot Parfait by セトニシ(瀬戸西k子)
Source [16]

That can only be Jerry Jumbeaux’s joint.  We’ll have more on him further down below.

Anniversary Sundae by @strawberry628
Source [17]

And then, of course, we have the famous Ice Cream Soda

Blackberry Treat by Purry-Phom
Source [18]

Next up, a gallery featuring as few of the other members of the Zootopia gang, enjoying some ice-cream treats.

Finnick B lookin’ like, “Don’t even think about it, Nick!”

Finnick Ice Cream Cone by 一角天馬(GALLOP)
Source [19]

Here’s one of Jack and Skye.  You forgot the pickles, bunny-boy.

Preggers Skye Colored by foxefuel
Source [20]

Yeesh; I always knew Chief Bogo was a sourpuss–but if that won’t put a smile on his face, I give up!

Ice-cream drawings – ChiefBogo (by ThankU830309) by ThankU830309
Source [21]

It goes without saying that we had to have a pic or two of Benjamin Clawhauser enjoying some Ice Cream

“”O-M Goodness…that’s the LAST time a buy a cone in Sahara Square.”

Benjamin Clawhauser by ronff
Source [22]

Nahhhh, I didn’t hear anything..  Go ahead and ahead and enjoy your ice cream Benjamin.

Summer 2017 by Frava8
Source [23]

Gone in 5…4…3…2…

Sweeeeeet Sundae by ThankU830309
Source [24]

Here’s couple featuring Dawn Bellwether.

Would you consider this pic a fantasy artwork?

Date Day With Dawn and Vern by Skelly Doll by WastedTimeEE
Source [25]

There…that’s the Bellwether we all know and despise.

Dark Promise by Ziegelzeig
Source [26]

Poor Flash; he’s NEVER gonna finish that cone before it melts.

Nick and Flash Ice Cream by hannahcmeyer
Source [27]

We wrap things up with a trio of concept-art pics

Jerry Jumbeaux’s Ice Cream Parlor was one of the few ideas from the Zistopia version of the movie that made it into the theatrical release.  If you look very closely at the second pic, you’ll see that Finnick is wearing a ‘tame-collar.’

Jumbeaux’s 1 by Armand Serrano
Source [28]

Jerry Jumbeaux’s by Armand Serrano
Source [29]

….And here’s one that didn’t make the final cut.  Whoa, you in a heap o’ trouble, boy!

Zootopia_Concept_Art_by_Cory_Loftis_Disney_07 by Cory Loftis
Source [30]

And finally…being a fox is not without certain disadvantages–especially when you’re trying to eat a soft-serve ice-cream cone..

If You Say One Word… by bibio8
Source [31]

Until next time…

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  1. I think the only thing Bogo smiles about is if Nick shuts his mouth for once. Or if Nick and Judy have kids wether that be adoption or… ahem, anyways, that or them just getting together are probably the only few things to make him smile, to be brutally honest lol.

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