R/Place returns: Can Zootopia find its place on it? Update (20:43 UK time 2nd April) New NEW Location

Hello fellow Zootopians…

A long long time ago in a social media site far away… Something special happened. In 2017 reddit launched R/place, a blank canvas any user could change one pixel on every 5 minutes… And let the internet go for it.

That included our young and vibrant subreddit too! Don’t believe me, look to the top left of the giant red square regaling the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise and trace to the left… Until you’re above the Dota logo someway below…

Yup. We did that.

And today, R/place is back! Over on reddit, moderator Thawed Caveman did his best to organize a revival with a newer, more ambitious, art design. Alas, this is where the second part of ‘Try everything, even if you fail’ kind of comes in. Closed in by a vertical rainbow and a German flag below, it was the F1 team to our right that wiped us out. There was nothing we could do.

With a smaller design we tried and failed to set up next to the proud logo of r/Furryirl… Only to watch with horror as they too were wiped out by the Romanian Flag.

So, what now?

Well, for now, we’ve had a small revival thanks to idkdudejustkillme and Just_an_Iguana at 713, 190. Indeed, we seem to be holding on!

Update: And sadly, this version was Anchslussed by expansionist Romanians once more. We now have a new design, by DavidCi_CodeX, being drawn at 656, 210.

DOUBLE UPDATE: I’m not gonna lie, it’s been rough. My Little Pony started expanding into our are, despite desperate negotiations. And when it finally seemed we had an alliance, they were annihilated by a spam attack, which we were devoured in too. We’re now striking out at 1673,776… And need fresh recruits.

The Current main Thread with discord link inside – Click here.

And for those just curious who want to play around, R/place (found on new reddit only) is here:
Logs you into new reddit – So you don’t have to.

Any updates on the situation, and we’ll post up here ASAP. Keep an eye out, we may be down a lot but we’re not out!


  1. I hat a look on there, you doing a good job!!
    There is some amazing stuff on there, my favourite one asides judy and nick has got to be the big F1 one

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