Comic Dubs: Judy’s Secret + I Will Survive – Part 6


Hey, pssst! You. Yeah, you. Would you be interested in learning some privileged information?

MickelPickelVoiceActs and CasVoiceActs made more Zootopia Comic Dubs!
This one features art from the one and only FeverWildeHopps.

Our favorite ZPD bunny has been keeping a secret. Well… Not just Judy. All bunnies play this one pretty close to their…


Don’t worry, Nick. I’m sure you’re not the only one who will be shocked to find out!



Didja think that would be all for today?


We have a double helping of Mick and Cass! Featuring the art of William Borba, the second course is hot n fresh from the recent foolishness that was April Fools!

It seems that Nick also has a secret, as it has recently come to light that he likes to put small, shiny objects that may or may not be food in his mouth.

Wait, what? Don’t all foxes like to do that?

Well, this turns out to be a bit more dramatic than either he or Judy is prepared for!