Art of the Day #562

Jumping rabbits! by @kiirono_16
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Greeting and salutations ye fans of Zootopia. Behold, our Featured Image for this week’s Art of the Day collection.

Where’s Judy…have you found her yet? Keep looking, she’s in there; trust me.

And if that’s not enough, don’t worry; we have plenty of other great Zootopia fanart pics lined up for you today.  We have another of ASkalin’s amazing automotive fanpics, featuring the lovely Skye,. We’ve got Nick sharing a fist-bump with a wolverine, Gideon Grey trading recipes with Julieta from Encanto, and even a rare Zootopia X Monsters Inc. crossover. There’s all that and more in this week’s gallery. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Nick and Judy by tannerthecat1996
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Mid Engine by @askalin097
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Nick the Pie Thief by Manual Artist search required!
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Nick Carries Judy by SomnoFeetia8
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She’s a Keeper by bax590
Source [6]

Purple by RelaxableFur
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Judy Hopps by turtlessoul
Source [8]

Unknown by そらちゃん
Source [9]

Bashful Cub Judy by TMF
Source [10]

Successful Bust by Auginator
Source [11]

Losing Hope by Credens-Vita
Source [12]

LoL by Di-Dash
Source [13]

Judy and Violet:2: by Credens-Vita
Source [14]

Foxy Con Artist by AldoBronyJDC
Source [15]

I could see Julieta and Antonio getting along with Gideon Grey by @theDomJenkins
Source [16]

To Another Good Year by @halu3xyz
Source [17]

Hey, Happy New Year! by @jonathanchimney
Source [18]

Nick A Happy New Year by @halu3xyz
Source [19]

Judy A Happy New Year by @halu3xyz
Source [20]

Old Zootopia Fan-art by @PeanutK4
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Hey, Bellwether. What’re you in for? by CartoonAnimeFan2000
Source [22]

Old Zootopia Fan-art by @PeanutK4
Source [23]

Nick and one of his kits, Amare by @CakeTriflez
Source [24]

GOTH NICK WILDE by @phurrst
Source [25]

The Gang’s All Here by @kiirono_16
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More Feral au by @CakeTriflez
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“I think I’ll be fine…” “I know you will bud… I know you will.” by @_sancoon_
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