Zootopia’s 6th Anniversary Celebration (and Community Watchathon!)

World Animal Day by Disney Japan

On this day, 6 years ago, the world as we knew it changed. For the first time, we were introduced to Officer Judy Hopps, conman Nick Wilde, and every other character we’ve come to love and adore. We heard Shakira Gazelle singing Try Everything as Judy took the train into the city. We followed Judy’s adventure as she tried to solve the case of the missing mammal, Emmet Otterton, and watched as she slowly pieced the mystery together. We explored the incredible world that Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush, and every other member of the Disney Animation team had spent 5 years working on and developing.

We got Zootopia.

We got a masterpiece.

To celebrate this, our 6th Zootopia Day, the ZNN Community Discord server is hosting a 24-hour watchathon, where the movie will be on repeat all day, in 4k, from midnight to midnight (EST). Myself and other members of the ZNN team will be popping in to chat and watch with y’all throughout the day, so if you ever wanted to hang out with any of us, now is a great opportunity. To join the server and the watchathon, just follow the link in the sidebar, or right here!

And as a bit of a challenge for y’all… watch for Judy’s tail (that isn’t her actual tail). Keep an eye out, and see if you can spot it. Consider it a preview for an upcoming project we’re working on. And until next time, as always, remember…


Happy Anniversary!

-Andy Lagopus



  1. Still chuffed that I share a birthday with the film (at least here in the US)…unfortunately means I’m a touch busy to actually watch it today. I’ll make up by releasing a new chapter for the current fanfic tonight instead…

  2. Amazing that it’s been six years already! My how time flies. When I think about it, it’s incredible that a Disney film could inspire me so much – Zootopia ranks number one in that regard. Only FMA has come close to stirring me up to write so much, and I would still rank OotW and TSoE as my best two works. Wildehopps is definitely the best OTP of all time. OF ALL TIME! 😛 Cheers all you Zootopians, and keep holding out hope for a quality sequel!

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