Story: Bunnyburrow Blues

Art by MisterLuca

[Teen-13][Drama][Romance][Slice of Life]

A visit to bunnyburrow leads both Nick and Judy to discover that sometimes, silence isn’t the best option. Sometimes you just have to talk about it. ~Tonakuma

Author: Sangvinsk

Description :
“Happy that her family has loosened up about foxes, Judy convinces a reluctant Nick Wilde to spend a weekend in Bunnyburrow with her. Her family’s supportive attitude, however, might be more than she bargained for.”

Bunnyburrow Blues

Additional Tags: Just kiss already!


  1. Yaaaaaaaww
    These storylines are so bland and always fail at Disney level. I’ll wait for an actual canon story rather than a story you suggest.

    • Sincerely: shut the hell up, you don’t like it you can scroll by without a word. You publish a successful book or start your own animation company or something, that gives you credibility in denouncing what someone else made? Oh, wait, even that doesn’t give you grounds to do so; everyone has different skills, different experience, different likes that they are perfectly free to expand on, and this site celebrating them doesn’t harm anyone; you do. Enjoying this universe can be done without bashing every tale that others come up with that doesn’t fit just your specific wants, troll.

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