Story: The Neverwere Moments 3: Loyal

[Rating T13][Mystery][Friendship]

Ah, the ‘hello Bunnyburrow’ arc. A staple of many fics. And in this case, the staple of three, with Loyal being the third of 6Wingdragons Neverwere moments series and the one to bring the great adventures and strange conspiracies around the Tri-Burrow reunion to a close. False histories, secret societies, lost tales, and hidden truths a plenty, this fic promises to answer… some. And happily open up more. – OH_Shoot

Author: 6wingdragon

Description :
“All is well. There are no more secrets to uncover, no lies to correct. Everything is resolved. Pay no heed to that whispering doubt in the back of your mind, or that itching curiosity in your heart. This is Loyal, following Trustworthy and Brave, but there are no unspoken words to hear, nor untold tales to listen to; these moments never were.”

The Neverwere Moments 3: Loyal

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