Story: Through Hell Colored Glasses

Art by Relaxable

[Rating T13][Romance][Drama]

While there are many things that are unique about the Zootopia Fandom, one of the biggest is that it includes a fandom for a movie never made, the Tame Collar version of the story. While many fans (including yours truly) were brought into this fandom by that, and stories based on it were a dime a dozen in those heady early days, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new story take on the subject. With a crack of its knuckles, Through Hell Coloured Glasses seeks to change that, launching out with an old school dark collar story in which Nick seeks to find his way and come out on top in a world stacked against him. For those missing the good ol’ days of Zistopia, this is just for you. ~OH_Shoot

Author: VentureVolpe

Description :
Nick Wilde dreams of a place were predators, like him, can be free from the cruelty of the world. Judy, the first rabbit police officer, dreams of finally making a differences and changing the world into a better place. Will Zootopia let them pursue their dreams? Or will the city turn them on each other and drag them down when it falls? My take on the original Zootopia story.

Through Hell Coloured Glasses

Additional Tags: Wilde times ahead! Tame collar goes ZAAAAPPPPP


    • It’s a good thing one opinion does not reality make…”what ifs” are incredible means to explore aspects of a character’s personality or development potential in ways we never got to see and recreate an entire world in a whole new prism. All that’s needed is to do it right, and a lot of fanfics on this premise have.

      • No, they have not. Prey opress worse than white Americans ever had, but one small event makes everything good?! No! Zootopia needs to be destroyed and the prey massacred in factory farms for any justice to happen!

        In 1984 you are supposed to hate the world, Zootopia’s original premise the idiots were shocked people hated it?! They wanted people to love it, that’s why they went back to the drawing board!!!

  1. I did not like it, in fact I hated the idea. There was no way to save Zootopia, it deserved to be destroyed. Judy gets to be a jerk and then gets more praise, no. I would have had her gutted(she was that unlikable in the original idea.

    This idea made me think separate country states based on race was a good idea, that’s bad!

    It would have been better if the preds and scum(sorry prey) had their own cities and governments, boom, everyone is happy.

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