Story: Beastars Zootopia

Art by EvokStudios

[Rating T13][AU Crossover (Beastars)][Hurt/Comfort][Angst]

Beastars and Zootopia. Zootopia and Beastars. So similar it almost begs the crossovers to come, and this fic by Majorminor is all too happy to scratch that itch. Placing itself with the characters of Zootopia attending Cherrington academy, with added inspiration from the Tame Collar plot, this fic is setting itself to go to some very interesting places go on, and is well worth the look. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Rabbit(MajorMinor2242)

Description :
You know that face…
The clever, asymmetrical smirk.
The similarly crooked eyebrows.
The half-closed eyes.
And the intense stare-down that comes at you from the promo posters.

It’s the expression that tells you “the hero is going to be up to no good… -and is much cooler that any of those classic, mainstream, conformist wimps those other stories have going for them…”

No, this one’s special, and you’re about to see just why that is… And it all starts with a slick fox with a dream, a bunny aiming for the big-leagues, a wolf that’s figuring out who and what he is, and a dwarf-rabbit that tends to the garden on the roof of the school.

-oh, and a… truck(?) is what causes this all?
Kinda… But before that, let me give you a rundown of how things work around here…

Beastars Zootopia

Additional Tags: The heat is on in Cherrington! The buns are hotter than h-e-double-l!


    • Perhaps you should get one, being hung up on such a detail without knowing anything of what is being referenced…

      • It was a terrible story, so I get where he’s coming from hating the tame collar fans(who seem like a vocal minority) but that’s not what this story is about, then again the two shows don’t mix.

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