Comic Dub: Just a Taste (By YoshiTails13)

Hello, fellow fans! Today we have another YoshiTails13 dub. You can find the other one here.
Many of us have wondered about and constructed our own ideas about what it might be like for Judy to bring Nick to Bunnyburrow. What sort of both wonderful and awkward things might happen? This comic explores the initial interactions between Nick, Judy, and her numerous siblings, ending with a delectable twist!

Bringing back the talents of Voice Actors:
Mackenzie B.

The original comic by Omniteur is brought to life for our enjoyment!



    • A lot of people on here recently running their mouths with no place for it…you do realize in most cases the artist is asked for permission before they dub anything? It’s not theft, it’s a form of reworking for a different medium.

      • Still pretty lazy. I learned why it’s bad from Pony-Berserker. A true artist and one who was constantly hired by IDW to make comic art and covers. And he knows what he’s taking about. Fan art and fan fictions are the quintessential of fandoms, analyzers and fan dubbers mostly make dubs and analyzer vids for cash, and these dubs can be very toxic. No place huh? Do you believe in the first amendment?

        • First amendment doesn’t cover being protected from being called out for bullshit, and fans voice-dubbing fan works does not preclude making money from it or any purpose beyond more enjoyment of the product, nor is it lazy; you rather clearly have no idea the work that actually goes behind these nor the relationships within community that spawns them.

          • Oh yes it does. These dubbers make money dubbing these comics and I found out only a few of the creators for permission and even then they still make money off someone else sweet! Fan dubs are garbage!

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