Art of the Day #537

Aye Aye Captain! by lion21
Source [1]

Avast ye fans of Zootopia, ’tis time to post this week’s Art of the Day collection.

A more fittin’ piece for our Featured Image is not to be found, says I.  Look ye there, upon the face of Captain Wilde, all grit and determination, I’ll be bound.  Look ye ‘pon the amazin’ details of this piece, the crash of the waves, the torn sails, the loose barrel, the heel of the ship before the gale, an’ there be Nick’s hat, blowin’ away in the wind.  Ye can almost feel a chill in yer bones, an’ the sting o’ the spray in yer eyes as ye look at this pic.  Aye, Cap’n Nick; soon may the Wellerbunn come to bring ye blueberries, tea, an’ rum. One day, when the tonguin’ is done, ye’ll take yer leave and go.

Fer the rest of ye, my bully crew, there’s plenty of other great Zootopia fanart from whence this ‘un come…as ye’ll see fer yerselves when ye scroll down. Enjoy, me hearties…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clickin’ on the source-links.


Crunch Time by BroDogz
Source [2]

Nick and Judy by @zyzy2121
Source [3]

Seeing Eye to Eye by @neneP
Source [4]

Back From Shopping by @neneP
Source [5]

WTF, Nick? by @moromorowephi
Source [6]

Nick and Judy Studies by @EmanDP98
Source [7]

Rear View by @oimo_moD
Source [8]

Wheeeee! by もつこ
Source [9]

Can You Dig It? by もつこ
Source [10]

Romantic Dinner by もつこ
Source [11]

Year One by もつこ
Source [12]

Peck on the Cheek by もつこ
Source [13]

Morning Conversation by もつこ
Source [14]

Father of the Bride by もつこ
Source [15]

Cartoony Nick and Judy by もつこ
Source [16]

Sleep Tight by もつこ
Source [17]

Two Hustling Foes by @uochandayo
Source [18]

Lineless Nick doodle by @caketriflez
Source [19]

Our First Fox by @HB_runo
Source [20]

“pretty nice view from up here, don’t you think?” by @RelaxableArt
Source [21]

Apple by @123_monooki
Source [22]

Color study by @tohupony
Source [23]

So much siblings!.. by @luca_bunny
Source [24]

Wet Weasel by tangerinedragon
Source [25]

Another Video Game Crossover by tangerinedragon
Source [26]

Nick, Judy, Bellwether and bubbles! by alp_Rik
Source [27]

Shady Judy by @nikomi_otaku
Source [28]


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