Art of the Day #536

Golden Afternoon by @ydk_dny
Source [1]

Hello again Zootopia lovers, wherever you are.

There was no question as to what should be our Featured Image for this week.  As I write this, a real, live, golden afternoon is taking place outside my window.  And on that note, check out the amazing use of light and shadow in this piece.  You can almost see the dust motes swirling in the air; some fantastic work by the artist here.

And that’s just for starters, folks. We’ve got artwork of Judy as a traffic engineer, and one of Nick flirting with Skye–unaware of a certain jealous bunny’s presence.  And in still another great pic, we have our favorite fox meeting a kindred spirit in a hustling mink from an anime series. There’s all this and more in today’s Art of the Day collection. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.



Juddy Hopps Easter by SacrificAbominat
Source [2]

FanArt by Mr.Lucifer
Source [3]

Meter Maid by @tohupony
Source [4]

Zootopia: Gazelle by Hyakkin
Source [5]

Ahhh Whatever by @dogear218
Source [6]

Gideon Gray, Fox of Pies by KartoffelFledermaus
Source [7]

nick wilde Zootopia by diacord
Source [8]

That’s a manly fighting ! by nukuku
Source [9]

Nick Wilde by The_BlackToteM
Source [10]

Judy Hopps Fan Art Friday by miku_plantman
Source [11]

Gideon Grey making amends all across the Burrow by @QalcoveArt
Source [12]

Nick Wilde X Marie Itami by [NOTFOUND]
Source [13]

Train by RelaxableArt
Source [14]

become anything by thegreatrouge
Source [15]

wanna try some? by Unichrome-uni
Source [16]

Gazelle by @tohupony
Source [17]

I was lost without you by RaspberriesWH
Source [18]

Jumbo Pop by Danwolf15
Source [19]

DEARLY BELOVED by @RaspberriesWH
Source [20]

Sharleon Under The Stars by djanthony9000
Source [21]

Unknown by @dogear218
Source [22]

Unknown by @CakeTriflez
Source [23]

Nick Is A Plant Au by FeverWildeHopps
Source [24]

Dragging Fox by Ruffu
Source [25]

Cheese and crackers! by MisterLuca
Source [26]

The prettiest plant by another-wildehopps-blog
Source [27]

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  1. There are some real gems in this gallery! I really loved the ones with the jealous fox followed by the jealous bun.

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