Animated Take on Byron Howard’s Summer Art (By Qalcove)


What is happening my fellow Zootopia fans? We may be into fall now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take one last look back at summer, especially if it gives an excuse to look back on some quality art from Byron Howard as well as check out some of Qalcove’s handiwork in animation.

Remember this little gem Byron gave to us all the way back in 2016? Well, it looks like Qalcove’s gone and put their own spin on it in the form of a short yet delightful animation. You can tell Nick, Judy, and Clawhauser are all having every bit as much fun (at poor ol’ Finnick’s expense) as they were in the original art piece. Be sure to check it out below or over on Twitter and witness Qalcove’s animating chops for yourself. Now here’s to hoping we get to see even more of these animations in the future!


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