Judy’s Hustle Recreated in Stop Motion (By Royston’s Daughter)


Hello one and all, how are you all doing this fine day? Getting to enjoy the outdoors? Most of us may not be stuck inside anymore, but there are still some unfortunate souls out there who find themselves having to stay isolated for one reason or another. Fortunately, there’s a decent number of options for passing the time. Read a book, watch a movie (perhaps Zootopia even), play a game, or maybe something a little different such as recreating the tax evasion scene from Zootopia in stop motion using plasticine. One particularly avid Zootopia fan decided to go with that last option.

Royston over on Twitter posted a video of his 12-year-old daughter’s passion project recreating the scene. That’s certainly one way to spend your time in isolation. And I’ve got to say, for their first try, that’s some very solid stop motion and voice synching work. This seems like a kid that’s going places. Heck, even Bryon Howard himself dropped in to drop a comment saying how much he liked it.

Be sure to check the video out in the post below and give it a like and comment as well. If Bryon Howard can take the time to show his appreciation, then you can too!


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  1. O-M-Goodness!! This is SOOOOO good!!
    I wish I could do stop motion like that!!

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