Video: “My mommy says she wishes…” in Different Languages (By Niyander)


Namaste. It’s time for a language lesson (sort of) from Niyander and that hippo kid from Zootopia. I’m talking of course about the scene where Judy is giving out traffic tickets and making her fair share of enemies in the process, including that youngster’s rather irate mother, something they were more than happy to share with the bunny cop. And now, thanks to Niyander, we get to see a compilation of that scene in 26 different languages. How’s that for a crash course in linguistics?

Niyander has also done plenty of similar compilations for other movies and scenes on their channel, so be sure to check them out if you want to see how some of your favourite scenes might sound in a bunch of different languages. But first, be sure to check out the video below and see which language you think suits the scene best.