Video: Zootopia As Explained by an Idiot (By High Boi)


Hello all, I’ve got a quick question to ask. Are you somebody who’s looking for some in-depth analysis of Zootopia? Do you love to pore over every detail of its rich world and characters in the hopes of discovering new and exciting revelations about this world we’ve all come to be so thoroughly immersed in? If your answer is yes…then you should probably look somewhere else because odds are you won’t find anything like that in this video recap of Zootopia by High Boi.

High Boi is a YouTube channel known for recapping movies in a….let’s call it “satirical” manner. Sure, some people might not like the idea of having fun at the expense of Zootopia, but I’d argue that it’s because we love this movie so much that we can find just as much enjoyment from poking fun at it as we can from celebrating or analysing it.

So why not enjoy some light-hearted ribbing of our favourite movie and check out this recap of it as explained by a self-proclaimed idiot. Be warned that this video has its fair share of inappropriate language, so if that’s not your thing, then you may need to find your Zootopia-based ribbing elsewhere.

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  1. Funny story, I was the very first dislike on this video a few weeks ago. A bit of ribbing can be acceptable if done in good taste but the very poor rating given at the end of the video made the whole thing seem like genuine bashing.

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