Merch Alert! “40th Anniversary The Fox and the Hound T-shirt” (But actually it’s Nick Wilde’s shirt)


“Buzz Buzz” Cross-over alert, Cross-over alert. Hey Zootopia fans, and Fox and the Hound fans, Disney Japan has just put out a t-shirt that very much resembles the one that Nick wears in the movie. It seems to be unisex and is around $50 for those interested in buying it. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Regardless it seems like a nice shirt. Thanks to Tomiko2910,on twitter for pointing it out for us! Let us know what you think of this “crossover” below and chime in what you think this has to do with the Fox and the Hound anniversary if you have a thought to share. The prevailing theory right now is: Foxes.


  1. If they release it in the US I’ll have to get one… but can’t quite push overseas ordering at the moment. Though it’s not available yet, not until the 13th of July.

  2. Was not expecting the 40th anniversary of The Fox and the Hound of all things to be what got us a load of new merch but I’ll take it. Time to give my banker a heartattack again!

  3. Apparently someone in Japan does NOT know their Disney franchises. There was absolutely nothing in “the fox and the hound” involving that shirt, and it has Nick Wilde on the inside tag.

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