Story: More Than

Art by StarryOak

[Rating T13][Adventure][Crime][OC]

Life is unfair for some, particularly those who get judged as soon as they’re born. In Mary’s case though, it’s not her species that’s the problem: it’s her parents, Dawn Bellwether and Doug Ramses, the most hated mammals in the city. Her compelling journey to prove herself to the skeptical citizens of Zootopia is sure to pull on your heartstrings as you follow along with her endeavours and struggles, especially as shadowy figures start making their move with the perfect scapegoat in mind. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Wrong Password

Description :
Mary Bellwether is a quite literal black sheep, both in the color of her wool, and her parentage: the two most hated mammals in all of Zootopia. That’s never stopped her, though, and her dream has always to serve and protect along with Precinct One. What happens, though, when another mammal decides to pick up where her parents left off? Can she be more than what everyone expects?

More Than

Additional Tags: If you can’t bleet them, join them! Mary was a little lamb.

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  1. Looks like it could be interesting – and I don’t say that about many fics. The first chapter’s good enough to keep me reading at any rate, which for its length is pretty impressive. A few small writing issues, but I won’t dwell on them.

    By the way, I don’t mean to complain but when is Sing me to Sleep going to go up? I sent in the material weeks ago, and was preciously led to believe that once I had the cover art the rest should be pretty quick

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