Video: Zootopia Deleted Scene – Judy Believes (By WillFanofMany)


The question of “What if” one that many find intriguing. When you delve into the hypothetical, it can lead to all kinds of interesting situations and scenarios. Such is the case with Zootopia, especially when you consider the many deleted scenes one can find scattered throughout the internet in one format or another.

Thanks to the work WillFanofMany, there’s a number of interesting deleted scenes out there to view, including this one featuring a brief interaction between Nick and Judy at the home of a certain jaguar. It also makes for a pretty interesting look into the animation process, seeing animation elements and the various stages of development they were in before the scene was scrapped. (Seriously Nick, while I’m sure Judy appreciates the view, you should really put some clothes on!) Check out the scene below or over on YouTube and maybe let us know what you think.


  1. Definitely wish they’d come out with a special edition that including deleted scenes.

  2. The one deleted scene I’m most curious about, if it even exists in some form, is the part mentioned in Zootopia: The Essential Guide. It talked about how mortified Judy was when Nick decided to enjoy himself, naturally, in The Mystic Springs Oasis. I would have thought that maybe the book accidentally wrote some part that wasn’t in the final cut, but if you look when Nick and Judy are exiting the place, you can see Nick tightening his tie back up.

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