Merch: Easter Themed Nick and Judy Egg Plushies


Easter may have come and gone, but who says you can’t start planning for next year? Especially when it might land you some lovely Nick and Judy-themed merch for your troubles. Disney Tokyo recently released some egg-themed plushies of our favourite fox and bunny. They might be a bit on the small side, but if Judy has shown us anything, it’s that even if you’re small, you can still make a big impact.

They’re not currently available for online purchase right now, but who’s to say they won’t become available to other countries in time? Check out the post down below yourself for more details and to get a better look at the plushies yourself. I think I know how I want to bring in the Easter holiday next year!

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  1. If I remeber right, there is a comic about Nick being jelous of his own egg plushie being cuddled by Judy… somebody know where is?

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