Check Out The New Zootopia Animatronics at Shanghai Disneyland


I love Disney’s Animatronics, they’ve always been the extra dash of spice that really helps to make the various Disney Resorts feel that much more alive. It’s a truly unique experience you can’t just get at any old theme park. Their only real fault is that there have never been any of Zootopia characters…until now that is!

Shanghai Disneyland’s Zootopia Land just keeps chugging along and it’s reached the point where they’re finally ready to start revealing their brand new Zootopia themed Animatronics, the first of this level of complexity to be produced outside of the United States. They’ve started the previews with a video showing off their work on a whopping three-meter tall (and admittedly rather bored-looking) polar bear from Tundratown, and boy do I just love the detail they put into it!

Check the video out down below or over on YouTube and witness this marvel of Disney ingenuity for yourself. It may just be a robot, but that’s still one tough-looking Tundratown resident I’d rather not disturb if I can help it.