Video: Spotlight on Zootopia | Disney


Time for another Disney Spotlight! What’s that? What’s a Disney Spotlight is? Well, it’s a series of rapid-fire videos on Disney’s YouTube channel that offer tons of fun facts about their various films. Each Spotlight is dedicated to a specific film, and this time around, Disney shines its light on none other than Zootopia!

Having checked the Spotlight out, I gotta say, they can pack in quite a lot of interesting little tidbits about the film in just over a minute and a half, some of even which I didn’t know. You’ve all probably got at least two minutes to spare, so what’s the harm in taking a moment to check the Spotlight out for yourself? Who knows? You might just learn something new like I did. I know I certainly appreciate the fact that even after so long, there are still new things to learn about this movie we’ve all come to know so well.