The Bridesmaid Dress – A Visual Story by Qalcove


Enchanté citoyens. The joyous ceremony of wedlock is one that is sure to stand out in the memories of just about any person’s life. The pomp and prim of the ceremony is something that is often planned many months, if not years, in advance. Of course, it’s to be expected that you’d want to put that much effort into an event that aims to bring together a couple in blissful harmony for the rest of their lives.

A recent Patreon post by Qalcove explores the depths of this wonderful event on the wedding day of Clawhauser, with Nick and Judy both having the honour of featuring as groomsmammal and bridesmaid respectively. The quality art is as you’ve to expect from the likes of Qalcove and results in a story that is as beautiful as is heartwarming. Check the piece out at the Patreon link here.


  1. AHHH, I’ve always loved this story of Qal’s and am so happy it’s being featured here!!

  2. What a lovely story! And the illustrations to go with it were all wonderful. Getting illustrated Zootopia works like this is always a treat.

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