Trending Is Nick Wilde attractive? (By: mcyttwtspaces)


Twitter is one of those things that is random and often sometimes divisive, but there is no doubt the popularity of the social media platform. One of the features on the platform is “trending” which refers to popular, and frequent, posts about a topic. Surprisingly a topic related to our favorite film popped up on the tending feed today and as of this publication it has been mentioned over 14.6k times.

The post in question was started by mcyttwtspaces,and has since then gained tremendous traction. The original post was nothing more than a post “thinking” about Nick Wilde. It has now morphed into a post discussing the attraction associated with the anthropomorphic fox, and some other characters as well. So what do you think? Do you find Nick handsome, cute, or otherwise attractive? Can you believe this post generated so much attention? Let us know in the comments below and let’s keep this thing going!


  1. He was built to be handsome and suave, pleasing to the audience’s eye so that they’d like him, so in that line there’s no arguing differently since that appearance is what the producers intended. Now, there’s a big difference between saying someone/some character is handsome or attractive and then actually being attracted to them, and that’s where my concerns over topics like this and where they go in social media develop….

  2. They modeled him after (Disney’s) Robin Hood, a character that many women today admitted they had a small crush on when they were kids, and they got Jason Bateman to voice him. I’m sure it’s safe to say many would (and in the future will) find him attractive.

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