Merch: Everything’s Better in Vinyl! Music From Zootopia Picture Disc Vinyl Available At the Disney Music Emporium


“The four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel, and vinyl.” That’s what Dave Barry once said and while I’d hardly call myself an expert on the medium, it can certainly be said that there’s just something about music on vinyl that sets it apart from the digital medium most of us are so familiar with.

For those of you who have vinyl and are possibly looking to expand your collection, you should know that the Disney Music Emporium has a whole collection of vinyl tracks for the soundtracks from its various movies including, naturally, Zootopia. Ever wanted to hear what Gazelle’s number one hit “Try Everything” sounds like on vinyl? Or any other of Zootopia’s amazing tracks for that matter? Well, now’s your chance! Get on over to the website and order your own copy. There’s even a bonus track tossed in on the B-Side, the “Hill Street Zoos.” I know I certainly would like to check out these tunes.

Pre-order your copy at the link here.