Special Art of the Day: Zootopia After Dark (Mature Viewers Only Please)

In the Dark2a (detail) by Art Forartsake
Source [1]
Hello again lovers of Zootopia
After much debate and discussion, (and in response to our viewers’ demands,) we are today publishing our first-ever collection of NSFW Zootopia fanart.  However we must include the disclaimer that this collection is for Mature Audiences Only.
In a way, this was inevitable.  Unless you’ve been living in an isolation chamber for the last five years, you know that NSFW Zootopia Fanart is a thing.  No one knows that better than the ZNN Treasure Hunters team.  We’ve stumbled across them practically every time we’ve gone looking for artwork to include in one of our Art of the Day galleries — including any number of pics that are too graphic even for today’s collection.
Okay, ’nuff said, let’s get to the artwork.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with a pic of Judy getting friendly with Lola Bunny.  Ever since Warner Bros. revealed her new design, there’ve been a LOT of fresh Lola pics hitting the net.

DBL-Dipp by iJoke
Source [2]

A winning combination, Lola, Judy, Haru, and a grown-up Babs Bunny.

Four Queens by U Binhadd
Source [3]

Bubble, bubble…toil and trouble….

Jacuzzi by fel4itt
Source [4]

Don’t drop the soap.

Lathered Up by switchwood
Source [5]

Bucky and Pronk… more than roommates?

Come Hither by whatuwant
Source [6]

Well… rabbits are good at multiplying.

Don’t Keep Me Waiting by Fab
Source [7]

Judy rides Nick like the Zootopia Express.

Togetherness by Blab
Source [8]

In case you were wondering how Jack Savage got his name…

Bunny Hopp by Tab
Source [9]

Ya gotta start somewhere.

Source [10]

Clawhauser gives Bogo his donut.

Bully For You by Dwang
Source [11]

Here we have Gideon, showing both Judy and Bonnie how to make a proper pie.

In The Night Kitchen by Jhrdmn
Source [12]

Today’s headline: ‘Brand New Meter Maid Cuffs Hardened Criminal.’

 You Have the Right to Remain Silent by Zimm
Source [13]

“Make sure you get my good side.”

Gazelle by Bocnnl
Source [14]

Three’s company.

Backstage Pass by spnkmnky
Source [15]

Speaking of backstage performances…

Tiger, Tiger by @dedBRtst
Source [16]

Stew brings Nighthowlers into the bedroom… you won’t believe how it changed the marriage!

I Want a New Drug by @SkkR45
Source [17]

Nick and Finnick take turns with Judy.

Need More Foxes by Yiffeio
Source [18]

I don’t have the heart to tell Nick that he left the webcam turned on; (notice the red light.)

Radar Love by @ShlockJokk
Source [19]

“Any MORE bright ideas, Nicky?”

Poker Game by R-TEtype
Source [20]

Nick teaches Judy how to tie a knot.

Fit 2B Tied by @mtnsuvmdnss
Source [21]

They don’t call him Mr. BIG for nothing.

After the Wedding by Wakksworx
Source [22]

Well? There’s a reason why is his last name is Wilde.

Wilder Times by @Theeveswilldie
Source [23]

♪ “We can dance if we want to…”

Pole Bunny by @blakkrab
Source [24]

“…we can leave your friends behind.” ♫

Pole Gazelle by @blakkrb
Source [25]

And finally….
“N-Now Carrots, just calm down; I can explain everything.”

Is This a Private Contest? by EWZ
Source [26]

Until next time…


  1. Although I’m aware of the date, I did click around and under a bit to see if something else might be there.

    Great Titles though!

  2. Eh, even with me forgetting it was April first, it didn’t seem believable.
    No offense, just want to arm you with knowledge for next year.

  3. After a post where you say Disney is cool, a post NSFW… I was like “Really? They’re just gonna screw everything (no pun intended) after 5 years?” And then my ribs hurt xD Glad I’m still not the only one who clicked on at least one link ^^
    Quick question: looks like TheWyvernsWeaver’s work, isn’t it?

    • That it is! He was part of the ZNN team for a while, and while he was here, he did this picture as a joke for us. It turned out great, right?

      • It sure did! The smug on his face is so obvious, and the little hearts on the boxers are just cherry on the cake 🙂 I imagine your faces when he drew it and showed it to you guys xD

  4. I only pop on every few days…and, yes, you got me. Finally checked the post date….

  5. I only pop on every few days, so you totally got me–could not figure it out…then I checked the post date.

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