Zootopia Themed Cafes Coming Soon!


You know what’s great? Cafes. The atmosphere, the coffee and snacks, it all makes for a great way to unwind after a long day. But you know what’s even better, though? Themed cafes. Because why just treat yourself to a nice snack when you can have one in the shape of your favourite character’s face? In fact, a Zootopia themed cafe would be perfect. I know I’d just love to treat myself to a slice of pie shaped like Nick’s face. Or maybe take a nice sip from a “World’s Greatest Dad Assistant Mayor” mug. Well, there currently aren’t any themed cafes that allow you do that. But there will be soon! Turns out Japan will be getting a number of Zootopia themed cafes before the month’s end!

Starting April 23rd, the cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya will all be getting these Zootopia themed cafes. They’re only going to be around for a while, but who knows? They do well enough, maybe we’ll see them again.  Heck, maybe we’ll even get to see some in the West. (Come on, Disney, you know we would be all over that!)

Check out the post below for more details including a full menu (in Japanese, mind you) of what they’ll have to offer! It kinda makes you want to learn Japanese just to see what they’ll have. That or run it through a good translator.

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  1. Dang it Disney, why aren’t you given the rest of us the same love you give to the East? We love Zootopia to ya know?! XD

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