Art of the Day #523

What’s Up With Me? by @RelaxableArt
Source [1]
Hello again, Zootopia fans.
Our Featured Image for today is a great one–and on so many levels. First, there’s the incredible amount of detail in this piece; it’s another one of those pics where you notice something new every time you see it. Secondly, there’s the exquisite use of light and shadow, especially, the effect of the sun, shining through the ventilator-slats.  (Pay close attention to the insides of Finnick’s ears.)   And, last but not least, when was the last time you saw somebody draw THIS guy in a thoughtful mood? All in all, a fantastic effort by one of our favorite artists; bravo!
Now we could say that there many more great Zootopia fanart pieces in today’s Random Collection. But why bother? You’ll see for yourself when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

Nick Wilde ZPD by carwinexe
Source [2]

Cover Art by @aaronjay_askal
Source [3]

Bedroom Eyes by @RelaxableArt
Source [4]

Judy and Garland by @halu3xyz
Source [5]

Alone Together by @ulako414
Source [6]

Nick doodles by @sloppywulf
Source [7]

Finnick in the Burrows by @mamasallywhite
Source [8]

Happy New Year by @strawberry628
Source [9]

Chaise Lounge by @Paradox_JH
Source [10]

Lil’ Jude by @dogear218
Source [11]

Lil’ Nick by @dogear218
Source [12]

Bored Nick by @dogear218
Source [13]

Combunny by @dibujitosdeTaka
Source [14]

Kiss Me by @dogear218
Source [15]

Happy New Year by @123_monooki
Source [16]

Bunny Hug by @RuthPat70741166
Source [17]

Couch Kiss by @halu3xyz
Source [18]

Zootopia Mr. Big Scene by SailorPrincess95
Source [19]

Im still me by Knoton13
Source [20]

Night by OurHandsH
Source [21]

Judy Hoppsamungous by the_gneech
Source [22]


  1. #8: it seems Finnick is following his “dad” pawstep… 😉

    #11, 12, 15: Dogear drawings of Judy and Nick are simply marvelous! <3

    #14: doctor, I dream of being a carrot and being eaten by a bunny girl… is it bad?

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