Art of the Day #522

Year of the Ox by BrownbearGaryEdurardo
Source [1]
Hi folks. We’re going random again this week, but no worries; we’ll be back with another themed collection next Monday.
In the meantime our Featured Image, starring the one and only Chief Bogo is brought to you by Year of the Ox, and it’s just one of many great pics we have on tap for you today. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

Winter Wildehopps by jaff96art
Source [2]

Gotcha! by clawhausersdonuts
Source [3]

Probable Polyamory? by 2gredvisions
Source [4]

Prisoners of Zootopia by RavenEvert
Source [5]

Nick by ThalyWoofy
Source [6]

Some sweet present for you, carrots by @ImanikaArts
Source [7]

Reindeer Game by @Lij_Kendall
Source [8]

Bye-Bye 2020 by @oimotomeru91
Source [9]

Trail by OlexeyOleg
Source [10]

Judy Hoops by blueanimations3
Source [11]

Brand New Animal by E4hargus
Source [12]

Big Shirt by Kuneho
Source [13]

Sleepy Finnick by Kuneho
Source [14]

Yax by joesanchez
Source [15]

Judy Hopps Workout by CL-Bunny
Source [16]

Out this late? by Furvie
Source [17]

Discreet Messages by Bendemie
Source [18]

Fanart by zloy_mandarin
Source [19]

SQUAT the SWAT by Gettar82
Source [20]

Judy by DOF
Source [21]

At work by Rin_Tyan
Source [22]

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  1. #8: seems Nick like to be riden by his bunny! XD

    #10: Zoopunk 2077… I’d like to see this version.

    #13: Finnick can be soo cute, when he want. <3

    #20: Nick is thinking "death by snu-snu"… the only one unfazed is Bogo.

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