Comic: Bella Note (by: Peanut.K)


So…remember that sequel to Confessions we were supposed to cover awhile back? Last time we mentioned it was about…lemme see…oh wow, three years ago. Okay then, let’s back up a bit. Remember Confessions? It was a comic by the incredibly talented Peanut.K where Judy had to look after Nick in the wake of a tragedy. Well the follow-up, Bella Note is finished and out on Tumblr!

In the aftermath of Confessions, Nick and Judy both have to come to terms with what happened and their feelings for one another, all while tackling a dangerous missing mammal case. Peanut.K’s art style is as on-point as ever and the story really does a great job of drawing you in. If WildeHopps, quality art, and tense drama are your things, then I highly recommend you give it a view.

You can check all twelve parts in the link below or over on Tumblr.