Art of the Day #500: Introducing ZNN’s First Annual Swimsuit Issue

The bikini bun photo ban must be lifted by @birchlyart
Source [1]
Hi everybody…and welcome to our Big 500th Art of the Day collection.
Whoa, 4+ years and 500 Zootopia fanart collections; methinks it says something about Zootopia’s popularity that we’re still going strong after all this time and so many galleries. (Are you paying attention, Mr. Iger?)
To honor of the occasion–and to help chase those winter-chill blues away–Zootopia News Network is proud to present our first annual Swimsuit Issue.

But before we get to the artwork, please allow me to include a personal note. I would first like to offer some large thanks to the Leaders of ZNN for giving me the opportunity to become part of this project, and second, I would like to give a shout-out to some people without whom none of these collections would have been possible. VolFoxxo, Fricsi, and Chris, I’m looking at you three guys. Thank you ever so much for all your time and effort; you put the ‘awe’ in awesome. 

And now, on to the pics. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We begin with Judy Hopps, modeling a collection of one-pieces swimsuits.

Showing her good side for the camera.

Judy Doodle by Marenlicious
Source [2]

That color-pattern goes perfectly with her eyes, don’t you think?

Judy with a fashionable swimsuit by EzequielBR
Source [3]

A slightly retro look for Judy.

Judy sunset by Damo-Art
Source [4]

Thicc Bunny

Judy Hopps – Loves You by Manual Artist search required!
Source [5]

Clawhauser called; he wants his breakfast back.

summer donut by Manual Artist search required!
Source [6]

And now here’s Judy, showing off some two-piece swim-wear.

Summer by @mochicco_ZPD
Source [7]

She’s giving you that look, Nick.

Beach Bun by bluedouble
Source [8]

Excitable bunny.

Bikini Judy by akiratan-art
Source [9]

A little bit shy…

Bikini Bun by @_00do
Source [10]

…and not so shy…

Judy Hopps – Swimwear 2 by Manual Artist search required!
Source [11]

…and anything but shy.

Summer Judy2 by @birchlyart
Source [12]

“Come he-e-e-re, Nick…”

Beach Day by Manual Artist search required!
Source [13]

Another pic of Judy in vintage swimwear.

Judy Hopps fan art by Lemanntim
Source [14]

Before we move on, here’s a crossover pic of Judy and Carmelita Fox, modeling some official ZPD swimwear

Swimming Class by Feliscede
Source [15]

Next up. a couple of swimsuit pics featuring everyone’s favorite hustling fox.

Nick Wilde as Your…? by LEJISHI
Source [16]

All-l-l-l righty…and now, lets bring Nick and Judy together.

Summer by @nklove3104
Source [18]

That’s the last time he let’s HER pick his beach outfit.

Watermelon Sugar by 6Vulpes
Source [19]

“I said one more picture, fox.”

Bunny says no bikini pics. by @FtK_Artist
Source [20]

When Judy makes an entrance, she makes an ENTRANCE.

Fun at the beach by ameth18
Source [21]

Stare…HIM?  Don’t be ridiculous Judy; Nicholas P Wilde is as pure as the driven soot.

Zootopia Beach2 by -Riska-
Source [22]

Notice the ring on Nick’s left paw.

A well-Earned Vacation by Cotton Paws
Source [23]

That look again…but this time it’s Nick’s turn.

Just Come Here and Lie With Me by @RelaxableArt
Source [24]

Ahhh, those tropical beach drinks; they’ll getcha every time.

Nap on the Beach by link6432
Source [25]

Another pic of Judy in some retro beachwear…but this time, together with her main fox.

Summer2 by @onomimononnon
Source [26]

AU swimsuit pic of Nick, Judy, and family

Wilde-Hopps Summer 2020 by BlueDragon1993
Source [27]

Judy hangs by the pool, while Nick brings the refreshments.  Note the rodents in the background.

Poolside by @takatmaorange
Source [28]

We finish up with a gallery of swimwear pics, dedicated some of the rest of the Zootopia cast.

Poor Nick; it took him three whole days to get his tail un-frizzed.

Sorry Sweetie by link6432
Source [29]

Fru-Fru goes to the beach

Fru-Fru’s Swimsuit by Jusu-Tengu
Source [30]

Here’s Judy and Finnick, with Nick and Jack Savage in the background. (You’d look like that too, if you had to wear those silly arm-rings to go swimming.)

Summer Holiday by TheDarkShadow1990
Source [31]

And here’s Finnick solo.

Finnick, the hottest dude of Sahara Square beaches by Corgi
Source [32]

Oh, we had to have a swimwear pic of Gazelle.

Vacations – (Character, Gazelle) by link6432
Source [33]

Here’s kind of a rare one, Mrs. Otterton at the beach.

Swimsuit Otterton by Manual Artist search required!
Source [34]

Ohhh-kay, how’s ’bout some swimsuit pics of Skye?

Uhhhh, don’t look now fox-girl, but….

Vacations – Skye by Manual Artist search required!
Source [35]

Luv those shades.

Skyebeach by @foxefuel
Source [37]

Okay, as a rule we don’t normally include fan-character pics in our Art of the Day Collections, but this one is so good, we’re making an exception.  And anyway, she’s related; her name is Kitt Pawson-Clawhauser.

Kii Beach by @QalcoveArt
Source [38]

And Finally…

Oh, now doesn’t he look just SUPER?
(Now, now…don’t freak, it could have been worse; we could have shown you Benjamin Clawhauser in a Speedo.)

Big Number by @SpicySamur
Source [39]

Until next time, one final, big round of thanks…to all the loyal supporters of ZNN.  None of this would be possible if it weren’t for you.