Zootopia Fanfiction… Live Stream?



It’s time for your daily dose of Zootopia fanfiction! Normally one would only engage in this medium after publication, but this time there’s a twist. The author will behold a live event online giving people to chance to offer their insight into the one-shot tale. What kinds of things will the characters get up to? Tune in to find out!

D3ath_0ps will be the host of this interactive Zootopia fanfiction event. You will have the chance to impact the story by donating $2 to the streamer. It’s sure to be more interesting when the author doesn’t have complete control of the narrative. The stream will also include some CSGO, if you are into that sort of thing. Check out the details below and let us know what you think or if you participated. We’d love to know how it went! His streams start at 6:30 pm Monday – Thursday, and 5:00 Fridays and Saturdays.