Art of the Day #469: More Sad Moments

Broken by iPoke
Source [1]

“Oh, you bunnies, you’re so emotional.”

That, of course, was Nick Wilde’s line from one of the two biggest tear-jerker scenes in Zootopia. (The other was the flashback to his ‘initiation’ into the Junior Ranger-Scouts.)

Walt Disney Animation has always known a thing or two about how to pull off a heart-wrencher.  Take, for example, the scene of Little Bambi, crying for his mother, or Cinderella’s wicked step-sisters, trashing her first ball gown, (the one the mice put together, not the one created later by her Fairy Godmother.)  Then there was Lady, kicking The Tramp to the curb after learning of his reputation as a canine Lothario.   And who among us was able to keep a dry eye, watching Widow Tweed drive away from the game preserve, after saying goodbye to Tod for the last time? (The Fox and the Hound.)

And so for this week’s Art of the Day collection, we present another gallery of melancholy moments from the Zootopia universe. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

Cue the music, Nina.


We begin with some images of Judy Hopps, caught in a tearful place.

Concept art from the ‘Tame-Collar’ version of the film.

Red Lights and Rain by Matthias Lechner
Source [2]

We like the contrast here; a sad Judy, set against a bright and cheerful background.

Sad Judy by @KikiPupper
Source [3]

Another heart-rending scene from the film–the one where Judy almost gave up her badge, (and the scene later on, where she actually DID.)

Give me Your Badge! by Adry53
Source [4]

It’s one of the most well known tropes in Hollywood, (and one of the most overused, in our opinion,); for Instant sadness–just add rain.

Just cry… by BloodyMare13
Source [5]

You’re gone…as suddenly…as you came to me…” ♪

A Song For You by Ziegelzeig
Source [6]

No idea who that young fox is…

Shared Sorrow by Ziegelzeig
Source [7]

When you’re really hurting, you’ll take comfort anywhere you can find it.


Somber Advice by ziegelzeig
Source [8]

Moving on, we present some sad-moment fanart pieces, with Nick Wilde as the subject.

As we mentioned in the beginning, this is the scene that, for most people, was Zootopia’s biggest heartbreaker.

Why? by Swift_Fox
Source [9]

…and the aftermath couldn’t have been much better.

Broken Dreams by pandapaco
Source [10]

And that’s not all it takes to make a young fox cry.  (Remember the first time your favorite toy got busted?)

It’s broken! by fredvegerano
Source [11]

The other saddest scene in Zootopia, (although in the movie, it wasn’t raining.)

Shock Collar by TheMeepLord
Source [13]

But even in its most heart-wrenching moments, the theatrical version of Zootopia, couldn’t touch what was planned for the original, Tame-Collar version.
(More about that below.)

Love the butterfly resting on Nick’s paw; it just makes this pic.

I’m Not Just a Predator by CharlotteRay
Source [14]

RT17 by ぷき
Source [15]

Stupid Rain by FeverWildeHopps
Source [16]

Next up, a gallery sad pieces, featuring Nick and Judy together.

Sticking to the rainy backdrop…

Zootopia 7 by Latex
Source [17]

Luckily for our favorite fox and bunny, they can always rely on each other at moments like these.

Sometimes, Judy’s there for him…

I’ll Make It Better by koichi-yabuki
Source [18]

I’ll Stand By You by ぷき
Source [19]

You hurt me by Ziegelzeig
Source [20]

Breakdown by ziegelzeig
Source [21]

…and sometimes, Nick is there for her.

Eternal Thoughts by Ziegelzeig
Source [22]

Fuzzz by CalicoPikachu
Source [23]

Nunca Me Sueltes by arzmx-art
Source [24]

….And sometimes, they’re just there for each other.

Crying Together by @monmokamoko
Source [25]

We finish up with a series of pics, showing some the other Zootopia cast members in a sad state of affairs. 

Relaxable’s use of light and shadow in this pic is nothing short of awesome

Broken by RelaxableArt
Source [26]

Even young Gideon Grey had his sorrowful moments.

Sad Gideon Grey by @YevonScribbles
Source [27]

And so does Gazelle.

In Zootopia Gazelle is crying for the Lord by JMantheAngel
Source [28]

Here’s a couple featuring Dawn Bellwether.

I didn’t Ask to be born by Disneycow82
Source [29]

I really like this one.  Even though you know Bellwether is the villain , you can’t help feeling a little sympathy for her.
(The letter reads, “Hey Mom, it’s been a while…”)

Surprise Letter by @ittybittykt
Source [30]

Chief Bogo always tries to keep his emotions in check.

21 guns by iPoke
Source [31]

But sometimes, that’s a lot easier said than done.

Unexpected (Zootopia Story) 12 by Neytirix
Source [32]

Is Finnick really that sad…or is this all just part of his ‘Little Toot-Toot’ act?

Sad Finnick by モーティコ
Source [33]

The saddest scene in Zootopia that we didn’t see .

Zootopia Collar Version – It Hurts by CaseyLJones
Source [34]

And finally….

“What’s wrong?  Did someone die? Did someone get hurt?  Did Nick and Judy get fired?”
“No, they’re just reading some sad stories.”

Nick and Judy Reading Sad Books by Redtriangle
Source [35]

Until next time…

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  1. As the deuteragonist of a lesser, but still amazing film said, “Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.”

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