Video: A Jack Savage/Skye Animated Series Storyboard (By: Cybertoothcubs)


Wouldn’t you all just love it if there was an animated Zootopia series? I know I would. We’ve certainly seen our fair share of animations of the kind of adventures Nick and Judy would probably get up to if that was a thing. But what about a series about Jack Savage and Skye?

Think about it, a tense spy thriller rife with secret agents, conspiracies and tail-kicking action, doesn’t that sound like something you’d all want to see?

Well, Cybertoothcubs decided to have some fun putting together a little storyboard preview of what such a thing might look like.  And boy, does it make for an intriguingly tense short.

Bunny secret agents, high stake thrills, mind control, inconveniently loud cell phones (seriously Skye, just put it on vibrate!), it’s all here!


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