Art of the Day #460

Midnight Blues by @joabaldwin
Source [1]

Today’s Featured Image is something really special, a pic from Disney Artist Joaquin Baldwin. (It was awarded as a commission in a charity auction.)

If you’re getting a Blade Runner vibe from this piece, good for you. According to the artist, B-R was a major inspiration. You can find more details of how he created this masterwork here. 

And when you’re done with that, don’t go away.  We’ve got plenty of other great Zootopia fanart pieces in today’s collection. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.



Judy’s Damsel in distress by Rosaegold
Source [2]

Jack’s Expressions by Rosaegold
Source [3]

Give me Your Badge! by Adry53
Source [4]

Pan Nick at the Disco by @MrJimmyDaFloof
Source [5]

Sly Fox X 2 by @Memegmu
Source [6]

Mayor Lionheart by @YoshiTheFox1
Source [7]

Out and About by @popiko_piko
Source [8]

Keep You Warm by @oibib_gs
Source [9]

Snuggles by @oibib_gs
Source [10]

Sick Nick by @oibib_gs
Source [11]

Shoulderr to Shoulder by @oibib_gs
Source [12]

I’m obsessed for some reason by @koutone9
Source [13]

I’m obsessed for some reason by @koutone9
Source [14]

I’m obsessed for some reason by @koutone9
Source [15]

Kore de Kaiteruyo by @strawberry628
Source [16]

sweaters by @moromorowephi
Source [17]

Lunch time by @strawberry628
Source [18]

Tomorrow is Another Day by @strawberry628
Source [19]

Yax by @YoshiTheFox1
Source [20]

Gideon and Judy’s SIs by @mamasallywhite
Source [21]

Gonna have to earn it! by @RealTwelveNine
Source [22]

I don’t think you can leave your hat on by EosFoxx
Source [23]

Summer by TheDarkShadow1990
Source [24]

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, ponified by Meto30
Source [25]

Judy on Patrol by allie1723
Source [26]

COVID 19 Self Isolated by Shushik
Source [27]

Shrinking Zootopians by RT-Pilon
Source [28]

Judy waterbending by casvoiceacts
Source [29]

Blue spring by xRandomGurl
Source [30]

Prison Laundry by RingingCowBell82
Source [31]

Contacting Lionheart by RingingCowBell82
Source [32]

You Don’t Have to Be a Monster by RingingCowBell82
Source [33]

HELP, The hype is too real by Mikune
Source [34]

dead dove: do not eat by Rileyy
Source [35]

Nick Wilde by Bleuxwolf
Source [36]