Special Art Of the Day: Zootopia X Hamilton

HAM-ILTON by @DisneyAnimation
Source [1]

Hello Fans of Zootopia and Happy Independence Day to all our American friends!

The recent release of Hamliton: an American Musical on Disney+ has been garnering rave reviews all around. In honor of the occasion, and to help celebrate the Glorious 4th, we present a small collection of Zootopia X Hamilton crossover art:  America then, as told by Zootopia today.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links!


Mammalton by @CasVoiceActs
Source [2]

Judy Hamilton by Cinnarru
Source [3]

I’ll be honest, the roles of Judy as Alexander “I am not throwing away my shot!” Hamilton and Nick as Aaron “Wait for it” Burr fits their characters perfectly.

Hamilton X Zootopia by @ydk_disney
Source [4]

Nick Judy Hamilton2 by @ydk_dny
Source [5]

Jack Savage as King George.  If he wasn’t already playing Kristoff, I’d say we should start a petition to get Johnathan Groff to play Jack in a sequel.  It just feels right.

I Will Kill Your Friends and Family by theblueberrycarrots
Source [6]

“Even if I said what you think I said you will have to cite a more specific grievance; here’s an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements.”
“Sweet cheez ‘n crackers…”

Your Obedient Servant by Rockhoppr3
Source [7]

History has its eyes on you…

Not throwing Away My Shot by reddoshirousagi06
Source [8]

Nick Sword by theblueberrycarrots
Source [9]

Nick channels a line from the musical in a different sort of setting.

Yay Hamiltton Reference. by LaChihuahua
Source [10]

Okay, we’re breaking a rule here; none of the Zootopia canon characters appear in the next three pics.  However, they’re so good, (and so well fit within the rules of Zootopia character design,) that we’re making an exception for just this once.

Hamilton and Burr1 by Assassin-or-Shadow
Source [11]

Hamilton Comp by Assassin-or-Shadow
Source [12]

More Ham by Assassin-or-Shadow
Source [13]

And finally…
Beat it, Darkwing, we’re working this side of the stage!

Darkwing Hamilon by @TadStones
Source [14]

Until next time… we will never be satisfied.

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