Art of the Day #461: Risque Business

Sleepy Bun by RelaxableFur
Source [1]

Hello again, everyone.

Annnd, we are back; once more featuring a themed Zootopia Fanart collection on Mondays.

To kick things off, we’re taking a walk on the spicy side.  This week’s Art of the Day gallery is dedicated to the sexy-but-sfw fanart of our favorite crew of critters. 

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

*(Disclaimer: Not Responsible For Injuries Caused, Due To Tongues Getting Caught In Computer Keyboards.)

Mr. Cocker?  Some appropriate music, if you please.


We open with series of pics dedicated to the scintillating side of Judy Hopps

When it comes to showing off bedroom eyes, nobody beats THIS bunny.

Bun in a Dress by S1M
Source [2]

EXv2nPRU8AEvs0B by @_popnll
Source [3]

Quick Judy by @birchlyart
Source [4]

This tavern features some seriously spiced-up libations!

Flirty Judy by Deaffinity
Source [5]

Why do oversize shirts always look so sexy on girl bunnies?

Stolen Shirt by @SamurShalem
Source [6]

Wet Bunny by Baidu
Source [7]

Simply Judy by francesca-ictbs
Source [8]

Be sure you get her good side.

Quite a File You’ve Got Here by bax590
Source [9]

Judy Hopps by tohupo
Source [10]

And now, it’s Nick’s turn to show a little spice.

Vodka-fueled Nick by @Rurijian
Source [11]

2 Sexy 4 His shirt by Borotamago
Source [12]

「起きろ、ジュディ。仕事行くぞ。」 by @raizinnDX
Source [13]

Coffee and a six-pack

The Coffee’s Hot Too by @raizinnDX
Source [14]

What do YOU think, Carrots? by RaspberriesWH
Source [15]

Hawaiian Prints — they’re not just for shirts any more.

Come and Get It by @raizinnDX
Source [16]

“Wha…?  Where?  Whe…!   Oh har-hardy-har….REALLY funny, Carrots!”

1129 Good Nick Day by @raizinnDX
Source [17]

Practicing to Look Savage by @Piberius_w
Source [18]

Nick Untied by yarisuyu
Source [19]

Devilish, isn’t he?

Bad Nick by Nightsy01
Source [20]

Nick the Hot City Boy by KendallCollins
Source [21]

Grunting and straining, Nick pushed upwards will all his might, muscles quivering like guy-wires in a gale.   After an interminable moment, he felt the bar begin to rise…slowly at first until, with a sudden extra effort, he thrust it to its full height.  Woo-hooo, he had done it!  He had set a new bench press record for his species…

And then he woke up.

Bench Press by SnowShoeHusky
Source [22]

Is it hot out here…or is ithim?

Bright 2 by Francesca-ictbs
Source [23]

Nick Wilde…what a doll.

Time off by SciMunk
Source [24]

Next up, some images of Nick and Judy, struttin’ dat hot stuff together.

I hope you have a good day right now by @askalin097
Source [25]

EXrA4N8WoAEs90b by @RelaxableFur
Source [26]

♪ “I’ve…had the time of my liiiiife.” ♫

Valentines 2019 by birchly
Source [27]

And then there are the WildeHopps pics that go beyond spicy and into ‘Awwwww’ territory.

Don’t worry by RelaxableFur
Source [28]

Sleepy Cops by S1M
Source [29]

…and then there’s the Nick and Judy artwork that’s just plain fun.

Exotic Dancers by @jawako8824
Source [30]

Moving right along, here’s a collection of spicy images, featuring a few of the other of the Zootopia cast members.  (No, not Benjamin Clawhauser; we ain’t THAT warped.)

Baaaack on my BS by @birchlyart
Source [31]

Bellwether waiting by www
Source [32]

She may be a sheep…but she’s a predator at heart.

Bellwether by playfurry
Source [33]

Gotta have at least one pic of Gazelle’s tigers in here somewhere.

Zootopia Tigers by JAZcabungcal
Source [34]

Newtoy by Miles-DF
Source [37]

Zootopia by siam bei
Source [36]

How about a sexy Finnick pic or two?

Fennec Badass by xxsparcoxx
Source [38]

Finnick in Da House by Miles-DF
Source [39]

Buffed as this buffalo is, it goes without saying that we were going to include a Chief Bogo pic in today’s gallery.

When I think about you by blueguynow
Source [40]

…and also Mayor Lionheart…

Spicy Lionheart by Stan
Source [41]

…and Mr. Manchas….

Start of the morning by JAZcabungcal
Source [42]

Ehhhh, everybody wants to get into the act!

Duke Weaselton by tymime
Source [43]

Here’s one of Jack Savage

Jack Awaits by @afruitvegetable
Source [44]

…and a cute one of Skye.

Skye Beach Nap by Kulkum
Source [45]

And finally…

“NOW who’s the Daddy?”

Unforeseen Encounter by Ziegelzeig
Source [46]

Until next time…


  1. Cutting it a little close on a few of these…but art is art, there are no boundaries in it…

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