ZNN Wants You! Major Recruitment Underway!

No, seriously, we need you!

Andy seems to be pointing right at you…because he is!

As many know in the community, there have been many faces that have come through ZNN and left to move onto bigger and better things. The many people who make up ZNN have comprised of quite a few members of the fandom for various moments of time, but the one constant remains: we still need motivated and talented volunteers to keep this operation afloat. That is where you come in!

Due to real life factors and more, there has been a severe drop out of folks who simply can’t manage the time commitments necessary for continual volunteering for ZNN. So they have had to bow out as we sent them on their way with our thanks for the jobs well done that they did. However, this has left big gaps in our teams and if the content being produced from ZNN has become a bit…stale of late, and/or we haven’t been keeping up on the latest news that has been released weeks ago, then this is why. We simply do not have enough personnel to keep up with the demand of the news flowing for our Zootopia community.

So we need people for a wide variety of roles within ZNN. We need:
2-3 Content Creators – Those who will write our articles for ZNN that features videos, special events, tweets, merchandise and more.
5-6 Abyss Gazers – Those who will take tons of time to read fanfics to decide, based on our criteria, which would be good to feature and which to decline and to write mini-reviews on each for posting. You’re also responsible for fanfic update posts. (This is the most time intensive job, but we need these folks more than ever)
1-2 Treasure Hunters – Those who will search far and wide for new art and comics for Zootopia and making Art of the Day and Comic posts.
2-3 Translators – We need people who can both assist in translating comics from Japanese or whatever languages foreign Zootopia comics are being created in and font artists to put that translated text back into the speech bubbles for English speakers to enjoy and read. (We have a team lead who will negotiate with the original comic creators on permission to do this.)
2-3 Multimedia Wizards – Those people who are good at editing/manipulating video content and editing/manipulating audio content to create multimedia productions. You will be responsible for working on future ZNN interviews/podcasts and more. We need more video editors than we do audio, but talent in both is preferred.
3 Social Butterflies – Specifically, we need one person to assist in making posts on our ZNN Tumblr, one to make posts on our ZNN Pinterest and one to make posts on ZNN Twitter. Your responsibility will be to generate a quick post in a format best suited to that platform for every post that this primary website makes. It’ll require you to be on top of updates here as you keep up to date on those platforms.
3-5 Artful Dodgers
 – These would be what you’d call…’on-call‘ artists. You may not be doing a lot on a day-to-day or even week-to-week basis, but if projects (like those Multimedia Wizards work on) within ZNN require the talents of new art, you may be called on to assist. Do remember this is a volunteer position like all the rest, so we will be unable to pay for these services, unfortunately.

You’re probably asking, what are the time requirements for each role? Most are pretty evident in their description and probably won’t take more than 15-30 mins of your day in a span of a week. Not bad at all. However, the two roles that might require more hours of your time are definitely the Abyss Gazer role (which we need the most of!) and the Multimedia Wizard role, where you may work long hours to edit/render a video/audio project. So be mindful of the time commitment when you volunteer. We are looking for highly motivated folk to propel ZNN into the future and to await the inevitable Zootopia 2 when it lands!

Now how does one apply to be in ZNN? Preferably, you want to have the Discord app, or at least access it via web browser. Then you need to join our ZNN Community Discord (found in a link on the right side of this page!) and then ping or DM one of the ZNN moderators (The ZPD Blues) with your interest and the job(s) you wish to apply for. We will give you access to a special recruitment section of the server where a Team Lead of the job(s) you are interested in will give you a test to see if you got the skills needed to do the job. It won’t be anything hard, but we do want to be sure we are hiring folks that will be able to do the work required within ZNN.

Try Everything (and try being ZNN staff too!)!


  1. If there is a position where I’d be allowed to express my own personal, thoughts, ideas and/or theories about Zootopia, I’ll be up to that!
    Email me if something can be arranged:
    [email protected]

  2. This sounds interesting I’m willing to do art Dodger
    My discord is: Jack_reddik 1oo0#0513

  3. If there is a position where I’d be allowed to express my own personal, thoughts, ideas and/or theories about Zootopia, I’ll be up to that!
    Email me if something can be arranged: [email protected]

    • I might be good at a few posts. I have a B.A. in English creative writing so content creation or reader sounds fun.

  4. I have no idea how to ping/DM “@ZPD Blues” on Discord.

    But I’d like to help for the “Social Butterfly” position. I can be contacted on Discord as pepoluan#9392 or on Tumblr at zootopepo.tumblr.com

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