Watch Zootopia in 4K (Soon)!

Thanks to u/ThawedCaveman on r/zootopia for this meme!

After 3 years of wishing, we finally have official news that Zootopia is getting a release in 4K!

Best Buy has announced that starting November 5th, 2019, they will be selling 4K steelbook copies of Zootopia.  You know what this means?


Seriously, I once built a theater projector system in my basement specifically to watch Zootopia on the largest screen possible, but ran into the issue of resolution.  I can tell there are so many more intricate and tiny details that we never got to fully experience because it wasn’t rendered at that level.  In fact, we may have to restart the old FreezeFrame series here on ZNN!  After all, there’s only so much you can do with images like this:
It took a little while for us to decipher the text because of the lighting and the fact it was too small and blurry in HD… but in UHD, I think we’ll have no trouble at all!

Oh, I am definitely looking forward to this.  Pre-order the steelbook for yourself over at Best Buy!


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