Upcoming Art Contest (and ZinkTober!)

The fantastic plush of Fever’s Winning Artwork from last year’s Halloween contest

Hello, one and all!  Andy Lagopus here with a little departure from the norm.

It’s become a bit of a tradition here at ZNN to do a Halloween-themed art contest where the winner gets a prize of some kind.  This has turned out excellently in the past (see the above image- that came out great)!

This year, though, we’re switching things up.  We want y’all to do your absolute best work, and we realize that takes time.  And let’s face it, a single month isn’t enough time for everyone to make an incredible piece of art, let alone time to vote on it and have the results ready within that same month.

To that end, we’re holding off on a full Halloween art contest.  But fear not!  For what holiday comes after Halloween?  Thanksgiving?  Veteran’s Day? Mickey Mouse’s birthday?  Yes to all of these, but let’s be real- November is just the opening act for December when it comes to holidays.  The next BIG holidays are Christmas and Hanukkah!  So, we’ll be doing our big art contest then.  More details to come later.

That’s not to say we’re not doing anything for the month of October, though!  Far from it- I’ll personally be participating in this!

Many of you artists are familiar with the concept of InkTober, a month where, much like NaNoWriMo, artists sharpen their skills and create something every day for a month.  The official prompts for 2019 have already been released, but we’d like to throw our own little twist on it.

Introducing ZinkTober!  It’s InkTober, but with Zootopia!  Yes, that is super cheesy!  No, I don’t care!  I’m personally challenging any artist who wishes to put a Zootopia spin on their InkTober art to post it to twitter, tag @Zootopia_News or @ZNN_Andy , and use #ZinkTober2019 – we’ll use this to find any other pieces posted this month!  As the month goes on, we’ll feature some of these here on ZNN.  There’s no prize or anything, but it should still be fun all the same!  And like I said, I’ll be participating myself, so keep an eye out for that.

That’s all for now.  Happy drawing, everyone!  And remember, as always…

Try Everything!