Art of the Day #375: Zootopia and The Furry Art Community

Recycled Image to go with New Story by stevegallacci
Source [1]

Before there was Zootopia, there was the furry community.

Without getting into any debates about what that is (or whether or not the Zootopia movie was part of said community), there can be no doubt that long before the film’s premiere, there was already a huge community of anthropomorphic artists working on the ‘net and elsewhere, many of whom were incredibly talented; a few of them had even created universes of their own.

It practically goes without saying that when Zootopia hit the silver screen, it caused a sensation in the furry community, prompting some of the best and most well-known anthro artists to try their hand at producing Zootopia fanart. What follows below are some samples of their work.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links. (If anyone deserves it, it’s these folks.)

Steve Gallacci

One of the most well known and beloved of all furry artists, Steve is most well known as the creator of Erma Felna the lead character of the Albedo series, a sci-fi comic that was one of the first anthro graphics to emphasis character over action.  His many other accomplishments are too numerous to mention here. (See the sidebar on the Albedo link.)

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Steve at a couple of Furn-Cons, and having some sketchbook art done by him…and let me tell you, this man works fast.  The sketchbook images he did for me–every bit as detailed as anything shown here–took him no more than 20 minutes to produce.

Steve is every bit as talented a writer as he is an artist; many of the images below were created as illustrations for Zootopia fanfic stories that he wrote.

Finnick with the title character from Steve Gallacci’s Zootpia fanfic The Orphan

Not with my Tail! by stevegallacci
Source [2]

Here he is with Judy

Judy and the Orphan by stevegallacci
Source [3]

From the Zootopia Fanfiction, ‘In Memory’

Nick and The Three by stevegallacci
Source [4]

There’s a lot of gender-swapping in Steve Gallacci’s Zootopia fanart; say hello to Nichole and Julius.

Nichole and Julius on the Beat by stevegallacci
Source [5]

The animal on the left is Duke Weaselton’s niece, the ZPD’s first weasel police officer.   Nick, as you can see, has moved up to the Detective Bureau at this point.

Officer Sharp by stevegallacci
Source [6]

The title of this one is pretty much self explanatory

Nichole and Bogo Plot by stevegallacci
Source [7]

From the fanfic Undercover Zoo; the lady on the left is a cat.

Wilde and Ariel Undercover by stevegallacci
Source [8]

From the story Judy’s New Life

Judy and the Twins by stevegallacci
Source [9]

A Zootopia fanfic featuring Steve in his fursona (what we in the Zootopia fan community call a zoosona)

Reference Imaga by stevegallacci
Source [10]

Just a fun image of Nick Wilde as an early 19th century sea captain.

Capn’n Nick by stevegallacci
Source [11]

Eric W. Schwartz

Creator of the popular web-comic, Sabrina Online, EWS (as he’s known in the fandom) published his first Sabrina comic in 1996, nearly 20 years before the release of Zootopia.  He was churning out Zootopia fanart and fancomics almost as soon as the movie hit the theaters.

Notice the cup Judy’s using in this one;   Waste not, want not, I always say.

Carrots and Slick by EWS
Source [12]

The Campaign This Land Needs by EWS
Source [13]

I can easily imagine Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman providing the voices for this one

One More City for the Fanchise by EWS
Source [14]

If Nick and Judy stared in a ’70’s action / cop series.  Note the ‘In Color’ blurb in the lower, right-hand corner.

Carrots and Slick by EWS
Source [15]

Rick Griffin

Creator of the Housepets! webcomic, Rick has made several Easter Egg references to Zootopia in his strip, as well as creating one of the best and cleverest of the Zootopia Fancomics, Night Terrors.  Below are two more examples of his Zootopia fanart.

More Strong Bun by ricksketchbook
Source [16]

My Bodyguard by ricksketchbook
Source [17]

Jim Groat

Another artist that I’ve met personally, Jim Groat created the (now inactive) webcomic West Corner of the Park and the Red Shetland comic book series, (an anthropomorphic send up of Red Sonja.)

Busted–Finished Work by rabbi-tom
Source [18]

Oh yeah, I can easily imagine Nick running a Three-Card Monte scam.

It’s called a Hustle by rabbi-tom
Source [19]

That’s Red Shetland grabbing Nick by the tie.  In a fight between her and Dawn Bellwether’s hench-rams, I wouldn’t bet on the sheep.

I’m Watching You…Fox by rabbi-tom
Source [20]

Vicky Wyman

The late Ms. Wyman was the creator of the Furry Fantasy comic, Xanadu.  Her specialty was drawing hoofed mammals, (she adored unicorns) and so she was naturally drawn to Gazelle 

A word of caution might be in order here; this was the ONLY ‘Safe For Work’ Gazelle fanpic by Vicky Wyman that I was able to find.

Try Anything by VickyWyman
Source [21]

Timothy Fay

Another longtime member of the Furry Fandom Tim ‘Kangaroo’ Fay has a genuine knack for drawing carton characters, as evidenced by the image below.  He also occasionally hosts a webcast program known as Roo-Cam.

Fifi and Gazelle by Tim_Kangaroo
Source [22]

Cartoonwolf (Jan)

Creator of the webcomics, Swords and Sausages, College Catastrophe and Nine to Nine, Cartoonwolf (aka Jan,) is also the current illustrator of the webcomic, The World of Vicki Fox.  The picture below is a commission done for a friend.

Ikodo by cartoonwolf
Source [23]

Joe Rosales

Another artist who’s done sketchbook pics for me,  Artguy Joe was one of the original contributors to  the anthology comic book series, Wild Life.  The images below are two more of his sketchbook pics.

Sing Off by rick2tails
Source [24]

The Pervert by joeartguy
Source [25]

Max Blackrabbit

Still another artist that I’ve met and commissioned to do sketchbook pics is Max Blackrabbit (Malcolm Earle.).  Paws down, his most famous character is Zig-Zag, a tiger-skunk hybrid he originally created for an RPG.  ( Zig later became a regular cast-member of the Sabrina Online strip.)  She’s very much an adult oriented character, but she still bears mentioning here; her backstory was one of the first explorations of interspecies prejudice in the fandom. 

The pic below is a commission done as a story illustration

Discovery on Level 23 – Zootopai AU by Max Blackrabbit (Commission for Roadrodent)
Source [26]

Colorized version of the above image.

green webs

Green Web by Max Blackrabbit
Source [26a]

Shawntae Howard

Creator of The Extinctioners, an anthropomorphic version of the X-Men.

Here are two of them as Nick and Judy.

Selfie (Line Art) by ebonyleopard
Source [27]

No, that’s not Skye; it’s the Extinctioners character Artica, drawn Zootopia style.

Zootopified Artica by ebonyleopard
Source [28]

Adam Wan

Perhaps 90% of Adam’s work is ‘Adult’s Only’ (If you click on the source link, be aware of this.),  Nonetheless I wanted to post this picture because it so perfectly captures Nick and Judy’s early relationship.

Got Your Cuffs by Zaush
Source [29]

Robert and Margaret Carspecken

Creators of the Faux Pas webcomic and the Tales of the Shadow Wood comic book series, these two are no strangers to either Nick or Judy’s species.  They’re also two of the most family-friendly artists in the Furry Fandom.

Opening Night by mcarspec
Source [30]

Aprile 1st Strip by mcarspec
Source [31]

April 1st Follow-Up by mcarspec
Source [32]

And finally…Novil and Powree

Co-creators of the online comic Sandra and Woo, (about a girl and her talking raccoon), their tribute to the release of Zootopia was, shall we say, just a teeny bit warped?

Impossible Beauty Standards by Novil and Powree
Source [33]

Okay, okay…it was was flat-out, straight-up-no-chaser warped…but who cares, it was also screechingly funny.

A Strip of Peace and Tolerance by Novil and Powree
Source [34]

Until next time…


  1. this is all true except they are anthro artist not furry artists, a furry artist is that one who draws the members of the fandom be it as humans or in cosplay

    • I’ve never heard that distinction before, lol. All the artists I saw here are furry artists, they draw anthro art, sure, but they’re (at least the large majority) furries

    • A furry, by definition, is someone who enjoys seeing, creating, or interacting with animals that are anthropomorphized to some extent. That makes quite literally everyone who draws/paints/whatever anything on the spectrum between human and pure wild animal a furry artist; there may be various subcategories within that broad spectrum (some of which that the rest of us wish didn’t exist even), but it’s all still furry art. Doesn’t matter if it’s basically “human in a fur suit” or “human with some animal traits,” or if it’s an otherwise feral animal with traits of higher intelligence, or anything in between. Still furry.

  2. Great sampler of some of the great artists out there in furfandom that enjoyed a dip into the Zootopia world. A great lead-in, too. Steve’s work has always been amazing. Wonderful stuff! Fun memories, too. Stubat

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