Art of the Day #368

Judy Hopps drawing by UnknownArtist
Source [1]

Greetings once again, Zootopia Fanart Aficionados.

Our featured image for today is another great one by the inimitable Andrej S. Kalin–‘inspired by actual events’, as they like to say in Hollywood; the heart-shaped tomato Judy is holding actually exists.

But that’s not all the amazing artwork we have for you today. We’ve got a marvelous image of Judy in high-rise apartment, Gazelle and one her tigers channeling The Incredibles, and a Little Nick Wilde, doing fine on Cloud-9…plus many, many more.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links. 

Hug by EDTQ228
Source [2]

Heroes of Darkness and Light by Eeviart
Source [3]

There May Be Something There by Eeviart
Source [4]

Hey Jude by DSS-Dogsport
Source [5]

Judy-chan Kitsune-chan,the Twin Barrage! by denslife
Source [6]

Judy Hopps – Traditional art by denslife
Source [7]

Tickle Fight! by EeviArt
Source [8]

You Guys Really Want It Back, Huh? by Ruffu
Source [9]

Judy at work by @ahiru621
Source [10]

Judy sketches by @ahiru621
Source [11]

Lt. Judy Hopps by Crazed-Xeno
Source [12]

The incridlbles topia by Ibn~Muqaffa
Source [13]

Resting by RelaxableFur
Source [14]

A fox on a cloud by SciMunk
Source [15]

Officer Hopps, reporting! by RockBottomFeeder
Source [16]

The Carrots Evening Shopping by TechTheFox
Source [17]

Sleepy Cops by S1M
Source [18]

Nick and Judy by RockBottomFeeder
Source [19]

A perfect end to a perfect day by RelaxableFur
Source [20]

Carrot and Stick by もだな
Source [21]

A Nick by enginetrap
Source [22]

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