Story: The Neverwere Moments 1: Trustworthy


By: 6wingdragon

What’s this? A detailed story that’s novel length, well written, holds true to the characters, has depth and isn’t Wildehopps? Yes! And there’s even a sequel! Whether you’re pro- or anti-Wildehopps, this story is one you shouldn’t pass up. It captures the feel of Nick and Judy, perfectly keeping the relationship we know and love, while including new characters and a plot that complements the movie with out feeling like a remake. Sitting at 155,000 words, it’s one Wilde ride you don’t want to miss. ~GorganCM

Description: Let’s take a look at what happens a year after the Pred-Scare, when a familiar fox and recognizable rabbit take some time out of their busy lives to stop and smell the flowers. Can a bunny truly trust a fox? Can a fox truly accept that trust in return? Hear the words unspoken, listen to the tales untold; these are the moments that never were.

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Additional tags: The secret is in the whipped cream.


  1. I may be a die-hard WildeHopps shipper myself, but this is one series that I am fully behind as well. It’s a very detailed, convoluted story, so be prepared to think (a lot) when you read it, and keep in mind several parallel storylines, but if you’re not huge on that sort of thing it’s worth it not only for the classic interactions between our favorite duo but also the weaving of themes and characters from many other classic childhood stories into it.

  2. I’m surprised you guys don’t have a WildeHopps tag short cut key. I could imagine it being CTRL + W +H.

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