New Zootopia Comic hits shelves!

I’m not the only one getting major Star Fox vibes from that action figure, am I?

We’ve been begging for official content for a while now, and I am pleased to announce we’ve got a little more!  Disney Comics, in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics, have released a new comic!  Sure it’s aimed at younger readers, but did that stop any of us from getting School Days, Family Night, or Friends to the Rescue?  Nope!  We’ll take what we can get!

We’ll probably do a full review of this and other official Zootopia comics soon, but in the meantime, check out the official description down below, and pick it up on Amazon!  And yes, this is our first test of an official Amazon Affiliate Link- using it would be a huge help to us, even if you end up not getting the comic!

Disney Zootopia: Hard Day’s Work (Younger Readers Graphic Novel) (Disney: Zootopia, Younger Readers)

Nothing gets past Judy Hopps, future police officer and school detective extraordinaire, as she searches for clues in the unsolved mystery of her teacher’s missing necklace. Is it lost or has it been stolen? Judy must use her crime-solving skills to crack the case. Meanwhile, a new Foxtastic action figure has been released and Nick can’t wait to get his hands on one! The only problem is . . . getting the money to buy one. Have an odd job to do? Nick’s just the fox to do it! Join Nick for a lesson on how to make an honest buck with the help of some unexpected assistants.