Story: Clockwork Little Madness

Art by Empressimperia

[Rating M16][Adventure][Horror][Mystery][Suspense][AU][Sequel]

The Rain of Blue Petals trilogy prowls on ahead with the next story in its ferocious take on the T.A.M.E. collar universe! Just like a strategic game of chess, the characters and twists are expertly handled to further develop the already engrossing plot, keeping the stakes high and the reader’s involvement even higher. The web of corruption and deceit is a thorny one, but have no fear, our heroes will try their hardest to uncover it and bring the mammals responsible for all the violence going on to justice. I’ve said it before for the previous story but I’ll say it again for this new one — it isn’t just awesome, it’s positively electrifying! ~DrummerMax64

Author: Empressimperia

Description :
Part 2 of the ROBP Trilogy. In the aftermath of a deadly attack on Bogo, Judy races to save Nick from a similar fate. Benjamin struggles for survival as the truth behind the grisly murders is uncovered. Jack and Alyssa find a lead on Dr. Slothfeld. Gabe searches for the mother of his child. Swinton and Commissioner Elba contend with a gang war and a city-wide terrorist attack.

Clockwork Little Madness
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  1. I’m honestly shocked the series doesn’t have more of a following than it does. There are a couple of details alluded to that I don’t personally like, but the story overall is phenomenally written and has a great unfolding plot so far.

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