A ZNN Plush Couch by Ziegelzeig!

Four Million Pageviews.

How awesome and amazing is this? This website has sure seen some amazing things in it’s short span of life and I don’t think any of us want to ever see it slow down! With the hope and wanting of a new Zootopia sequel that we pray will be announced in the next few years, may this page surge and usher in more new fans with each passing week! 
What started as a small, motley band crew of a few, passionate fans, has turned into a 40+ mammal operation with multiple people tackling different roles and taskings, each suited to their unique talents – be it writing, reading, drawing, net diving, reviewing, translating, coding and more! It is the support of these passionate fans within ZNN and all you supportive fans out in the community, who continue to show your love for this film and its world, that has helped ZNN become the site it is today! 
From all of us here at ZNN, we thank you!
This past few months has seen a lot of staff fluctuation. We have promoted several to team leads and have had others transfer shops to better suit their abilities. We even have had some bow out gracefully and take their leave of ZNN, opening the door for others to take their place and live up to the precedent set before them. The internal face of ZNN is always changing, but our passion for Zootopia does not!
This picture, done by the talented Ziegelzeig, shows off the full crew of ZNN – from the time of inception to the present day where now, even a few members have had to move on with other endeavors. The reason for the belated celebration of our pageview count was because of the immense amount of characters Zieg had to draw – every single plushie was hand crafted drawn to order for every single member of ZNN. Kudos to him for taking on such a monumental task and hitting it out of the park! Can you find and name our three fearless leaders in the mix of plushies in the picture? The answers after the break!
Once again, we are very excited to continue to show our passion with the world, here, on ZNN.
Thank you so much. We look forward to the rest of this amazing journey we are on together.
And remember, as always….
Try Everything!
~The Entire ZNN Team

Did you find the three fearless leaders in the mix? Here they are:
                ANDY LAGOPUS!                                              MOONWOLF!                                        SHADOW!


  1. Those milestones keep coming by…and bravo Ziegelzeig on the drawing! I'm terrible on names and faces though, so I'd never get them all 😛

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