Art of the Day #338: Jailhouse Rock

All Locked Up by yelnats
Source [1]

Our last two glimpses of Mayor Leodore Lionheart and his rogue sheep assistant in Zootopia were while they were doing time in the old Graybar Hotel

In fact, the city jail played a much bigger part in the discarded ‘Shock Collar’ version of Zootopia than in the theatrical release. In that first iteration, Nick Wilde went to jail on a frame-up and later made an escape.

In remembrance of that, today’s Art of the Day collection is dedicated to the Zootopia and the Big House.

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This is a piece of concept art from the Zistopia version of the movie.  This was where Nick was supposedly going to end up and then make an escape.  (More on that later.)  Judy looks pretty worn out here, doesn’t she?

ZPD Jail by Matthias Lechner
Source [2]

Very popular image with the Zootopia fanart crowd: Nick and Judy in prison jumpsuits.   For those wondering how this could have happened (folks always ask when they see one of these pics), I submit that their decision to enlist Mr. Big’s help in getting Duke Weaselton to talk was eventually uncovered. 

Prison Week: Commission by Quirky Middle Chils
Source [3]

— Art Commission: Prison Escape — by Pokelai
Source [4]

Here they are with Dawn Bellwether.

Three Inmates by lokpik-art
Source [5]

The gang’s all here!

Prisoners of Zootopai by fuzzywuzzylittletail
Source [6]

Don’t ask me why, but Judy and Lola Bunny in prison garb together seems to be another popular fanart theme.

Lola and Judy by Cybertuna
Source [7]

The Animals, the animals….. by jerberjer
Source [8]

Some images of Nick serving time in prison.

Conceptual Mood Piece by sprinkah
Source [9]

Silence of the Lambs Crossover by MattesWorks
Source [10]


Source [11]

The most popular Zootopia slammer pics are, or course, the ones featuring Dawn Bellwether.

That One Black Sheep by JayLee2014

That One Black Sheep by JaylLee2014
Source [12]

Frustrated pomf by Mon311
Source [13]

Bellwether gets buffed.

There she is by Mr-Shin

There She Is by Mr-Shin
Source [14]

Of course, if you’re going to have a jail, you’re also going to get the occasional jailbreak!
(Interesting piece of trivia: the prison slang term for making an escape is ‘going rabbit.’)

Here’s another concept art piece from Shock Collar Zootopia: Nick preparing to make a run through Little Rodentia after breaking out of jail.

LR Nick Escape 01 by Matthias Lechner
Source [15]

“There ain’t the joint what’s been built that can hold THIS sheep, see?”

Zootopia – Jail Life by sheep 7465
Source [16]

Nick on the run again.

Zootopia Chase – Commision by Buzy Mouse by aqvilarostrvm
Source [17]

That’s Robin Hood on the right; he seems a little more confident here than Nick, don’t he?

Jailbreak Disney Foxes by absentapproach
Source [18]

Dr. Honeybadger (remember her?) preparing to go over the wall.

Runaway by 404bot
Source [19]

Here she is in a more contemplative mood.  Looks like this honey badger’s been doing some hard time.

Honeybadge in Jail by flowerstomars
Source [20]

This was the closest thing I could find to a pic of Mayor Swinton (the baddie from Shock Collar Zootopia)  in her prison guard role from the theatrical release,

My poor attempt at Zootopia's DMV / Security Guard by TOKDL

My poor attempt at Zootopia’s DMV/Security Guard by TOKD
Source [21]

And finally, “Call ME a fake cop. will you?   Who’s laughing now, Slick?”

Fake Jail by Powerkat 47
Source [22]

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