Story: The Best Mistakes



By: ScaraMedn

A delightfully nuanced one-shot from the mind of ScaraMedn that’s sure to satisfy the cravings of any WildeHopps fan. Judy’s headstrong nature has gotten her in trouble before with the chief, as evidenced by her 48-hour deal to find a missing otter, but the lengths she’s gone to this time put everything she’s worked for in jeopardy. The emotions are handled with considerate care, but the real kicker happens when the pair start baring their hearts to one another. You’ll have an affecting time checking this one out.

Description: The job is to serve and protect. Unfortunately, it comes with politics in tow. Judy tried to do a good thing and succeeded, possibly at the expense of her badge. Now, she’s left hanging and all she has to hang onto are her mistakes. One of which has red fur and too many secrets.

The Best Mistakes

Additional tags: We all have limitations. We all make mistakes.